Call for papers

Colour names behave quite differently in different languages. This conference offers a chance to explore colour naming processes on a crosslinguistic approach, in order to trace relevant linguistic issues and interesting interconnections to other scientific domains.
We encourage contributions from a wide range of fields such as lexicology, lexicography, comparative linguistics (especially from a Pan-European perspective), morphology, historical linguistics and cultural studies. Interdisciplinary proposals concerned with the perception, understanding and use of colour related to colour words are also welcome.
The conference will be organized around talks, followed by an informal discussion.
Poster sessions will also be offered.

Important dates (updated)

  • New deadline for abstract submission: January 25, 2015
  • Notification of acceptance: February 15, 2015
  • Confirmation of participation: until March 1, 2015 (made effective by the payment of the conference fee of, at least, one of the authors)
  • Text submission (draft): April 12,  2015
  • Conference: July 2-3, 2015

Abstract submission

You can submit a full paper or a poster proposal.
Abstracts should be one page (excluding references), anonymous and written in English, outlining the topic and its contribution to the conference.
Send your proposal to

Text submission guidelines (March 2015)

Font: Times New Roman, 12pt
Spacing: single-spaced
Up to 14 pages (including references):
All tables, figures and examples must be cited in the text and numbered. Use footnotes (do not use endnotes).
Please note that references must be cited in the text, indicating between brackets the author's last name, year of publication and/or page or pages.
Write your references following the model:
a. Books
Last name, First name initial. (Year). Book Title. [optional: edition number.] Place of publication: Publisher.
When necessary, use the abbreviation for editor or edited by (ed.) or (eds.), or director or directed by (dir.) or (dirs.) after the name of the author and before the
year of publication. Include the name of the first author and use the abbreviation (et al.) only when the work has more than three authors.
b. Dictionaries
Title. [optional: edition number.] Place of publication: Publisher, Year.
Dictionaries on floppy disk, CD-ROM or in on-line format must be cited as electronic resources (see below).
c. Book chapters
Last name, First name initial; Last name, First name initial. (Year). "Chapter title". In Last name, First name initial. (ed./coord./dir.). Book title. Edition number. Place of publication: Publisher. Vol. Page numbers.
d. Articles in a magazine or journal
Last name, First name initial; Last name, First name initial. (Year). "Article title". Magazine/journal title Issue number. Page numbers.
e. Electronic resources
Last name, First name initial; Last name, First name initial. (Year). Title [type of resource: on-line/floppy disk/CD-ROM]. Place of publication: Publisher. URL [Access date: DD Month. YYYY].


Selected papers will be published in 2016.

Colour and color naming: cross linguistic approaches